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Glasson Dock is officially home to the No. 1 place to eat in Lancaster!!

Since opening the doors with its new look the Lantern has slowly gained recognition, receiving accolades such as Top 10 Breakfast & coastal tea rooms in Lancashire from Lancashire Life magazine, and greatly improved its ranking through reviewers on Trip Advisor. When we got into the top 10 there were over 200 places to eat in Lancaster so we were really pleased. Then we slowly crept up toward No 5 and joked with the team that maybe wed get to No 1, the resounding cry was NO. Competition up there was tough and if you get there theres only one way to go or so we thought.
In October last year The Lantern made No 1 and stayed there right through to the New Year and, despite the misgivings of the team, and apart from a brief spell at No 2 in January, weve stayed there. More than that, when out of curiosity we looked at the rankings for the whole of Lancashire, we found Lantern was up in the top 10 of almost 4000 places to eat, just last month reaching No 5. This year we have also been nominated for recognition in Lancashire Lifes Good Food & Drink Awards, winners of which will be announced later in the year.

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